Victor Irzyk

Victor Irzyk

Senior Principal

Registered Municipal Advisor (Series 50)

VicVictor Irzyk has extensive experience in municipal finance and has applied his knowledge to develop complex cashflow models that evaluate the one-time and annual financial impacts associated with new development projects, redevelopment areas, annexations, incorporations, and consolidations. He has prepared numerous economic and fiscal impact studies that project the revenues, expenses, population growth, and job creation impacts from new development projects. Victor has also worked on many land-secured financings that involved multiple bond issues, escalating debt service, and backup tax and prepayment formulas, and he has worked with public agencies to implement CFDs that provide funding for capital improvements and/or municipal services.

Victor has considerable experience developing AB 1600 impact fee programs and has applied his knowledge to establish programs that are not only consistent with the law but also consider other important factors, such as marketability and competitiveness with other local jurisdictions. He has structured many comprehensive impact fee programs that incorporate multiple fee zones, distinct infill fees, alternate funding sources, and detailed fee credit and reimbursement methodologies. Victor has a keen understanding of the nexus provisions established in the Mitigation Fee Act and is well versed in federal and state case law as it relates to development impact fees.

Victor manages GCG’s CFD administration department and is responsible for the calculation and submittal of special tax levies for CFDs throughout the State. As part of the annual CFD administration services, he oversees the preparation and dissemination of SEC-required continuing disclosure reports to the municipal bond market, arbitrage rebate and yield reduction calculations for tax-exempt bond issues, annual reporting to the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission, bond payoff calculations for property owners, inquiries from taxpayers, and tax delinquency monitoring and foreclosure assistance.

Victor has a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois-Chicago and an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California.